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Energy Tips


Here are a few helpful energy-saving tips from the professionals at G.W. Condon, Inc.:

  • An annual tune-up and cleaning of your heating system can cut up to 10% off your energy bill.
  • Clean your baseboards and radiators as needed and be sure furniture, carpet or draperies do not block them.
  • Check insulation for dirty spots that will often indicate an air leak.
  • Caulk and weatherize doors and windows.
  • Install storm or double-pane windows if possible.
  • Close fireplace flue dampers when not in use.
  • Kitchen, bath and ventilating fans can pull out a houseful of heat in just an hour. Use them wisely and shut them off after use.
  • Open drapery on the south side of your home during the day to let sunlight in.


 Energy Tips
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